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Bahrain: February 2020 The “Second Sunniest” Per Records

The Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications’ Meteorological Directorate reported in their monthly weather summary that February 2020 was warmer than normal in temperatures and below-average precipitation.

The mean temperature of the month was 19.1°C which is 1.2°C above the long-term normal for February. The mean maximum temperature of the month was 22.6°C which is 1.4°C above the long-term normal.

The highest temperature recorded during the month was 29.5°C which occurred on February 8 at Bahrain International Airport (BIA) but recorded 33.2°C on the 25th February at Bahrain International Circuit (BIC).

Although the temperatures were above the normal in general, Bahrain had been affected during the period from February 11-15 by a cold wave accompanied by a noticeable decrease in temperature with fresh to strong Northwesterly winds.

February 2020 was the second sunniest February since the sunshine records began in 1968 whereby the monthly total hour of sunshine recorded was 262.8 hours and only exceeded by February 2016 with a record of 287.1 hours.



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