Bahrain: Female dentist fined for running clinic without licence

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A female dentist was fined BD2000 by a Bahraini court for operating a dental clinic in Muqsha village without a licence in the Kingdom. 

The court also ordered police to shut the clinic and seize all medical equipment used by the woman, who is an Asian by nationality.  

According to the National Health Regulatory Authority norms, all medical personnel in the Kingdom are obligated to fulfill its licensing requirements.  

Investigators also found that the owner of the property, a Bahraini female dentist, has had her license expired three years ago.  

“I applied for a license for her (the Asian dentist), but I wrote her passport number wrong in the application. Thus, it got delayed,” the owner of the clinic told prosecutors before she was caught for holding an invalid licence. 


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Source Credit: DT News


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