Bahrain: Female Doctor Blamed for Expat’s Treatment Refusal

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A female doctor working in a private health institution was held responsible for the death of an expat resident. This was the result of the National Health Regulatory Authority’s (NHRA) follow-up of the case which went viral in the past two days.

It is noteworthy that the story went viral and received massive angry comments on the various press, media, and social media accounts.

The expat passed away after a private hospital refused to admit him or provide simple treatment. The man who was in his forties suffered a sudden pain in the chest.  A relative of the decedent confirmed that the hospital’s staff asked them to transfer the decedent to the Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) hospital or to the Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC). The relative added that they rushed to take the decedent to the SMC and tried to revive him after his condition deteriorated on the way, but he passed away.

The official NHRA statement stated that –

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“Based on the keenness of the authority to exercise its oversight role mandated by law and to verify that all health institutions provide their services in an optimal manner and with high quality to all citizens and residents on the territory of the Kingdom, and in response to the press news circulating in all social media sites on the death of a resident in the Kingdom because one of the private health institutions refrained from saving his life, the commission conducted preliminary investigations into the incident, which ended with the following:

The behavior issued by refraining from treating the patient extensively by the emergency doctor on the pretext that the health institution to which the deceased was directed is not considered a departure from the principles and ethics of the profession of human medicine, as well as being inconsistent with the principle of the right to health guaranteed to all citizens and residents on the territory of the Kingdom without exception.

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Whereas what the doctor committed was inconsistent with the text of Article (24) of Decree-Law No. (7) of 1989 regarding practicing the profession of human medicine and dentistry, which does not allow the doctor to refrain from treating a patient or an ambulance injured unless his condition is outside his jurisdiction or has had reasons and serious considerations to justify this action. In this case, he must have provided necessary first aid, then refer him to the nearest hospital or health center, with a brief report on the preliminary results of the examination that was performed on the patient and the treatment or ambulance the patient received before his referral which the particular doctor did not perform in this case.

The deceased, who hailed from the Indian state of Kerala, was working with a private firm in the Kingdom.



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