Bahrain: Festive season at Alosra Supermarket

This year has been challenging in more ways than one, with a “new normal” in place and uncertainty around us. Nevertheless, Alosra is here to bring you another stress-free Christmas. Explore their festive range and fill up your stockings with delicious treats!

Here are why this year’s holidays should be enjoyed with Alosra Supermarket:

They have a festive feast made to order!

Whether you want to satisfy your cravings or bring home some comfort food for the family, Alosra has got you covered!

From cheese, cakes and pies to turkey, salmon and ham – you are sure to have a memorable meal with your loved ones.

As an added treat, you can enjoy a 16% discount on over 1,000 products when you shop at any of their branches.

Their Christmas hampers are pretty awesome!

Nothing beats the cheerful surprise of receiving a Christmas hamper at your doorstep. Alosra’s version of these hampers are sensational yet affordable – each hamper is packed to the brim with foods, snacks and sweet treats. You can choose from three predefined hampers with prices that suit your budget.

Every single product in the Christmas hampers have been hand-selected so you’ll find many of your favorite brands like SuperValu! Definitely the perfect festive gift for family, friends and colleagues!

You can get a great BBQ kit!

Alosra has everything you need to get grilling so you can responsibly host an outdoor family feast: striploins, burger patties, lamb cutlets, marinated steaks, buns, rubs and sauces to take you to flavor town! You can make your kit as bountiful as you want, all you have to do is check their website.

You don’t have to worry about safety

If you’re concerned about safety, rest assured that you can celebrate with no worries with the physical distancing measures and preventive protocols that are still in place at each of Alosra’s branches.

Furthermore, Alosra’s standards are evident with the ISO certifications that they have been awarded. The certificates recognize their improved performance, quality service, safety measures and operations.

Stay up-to-date with Alosra’s latest news and offers by checking their website, Instagram and Facebook.


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