Bahrain: Filipino community to get new cultural centre

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Manama : Opening a new centre for culture for the Filipino community will be one of the many new initiatives the Embassy of the Philippines will soon announce, said Philippines Ambassador Alfonso A Ver.

According to the ambassador, new initiatives will soon be unveiled by the embassy for the benefit of the Filipino community and the Philippines-Bahrain relationship.

 “As we approach the anniversary of the 40th years of Philippines-Bahrain relations we will unveil many initiatives such as the opening of a centre for culture at the Embassy, cultural presentations of renowned groups. We continuously try to promote the Philippines to Bahrain and its people, be it in tourism, culture and trade,” he said.

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He said that more trade and investment missions are planned for 2018.”We are hopeful that economic relations with Bahrain grow further with the conduct of more exchanges of high-level visits and conduct of trade and investment missions that we plan in 2018 as part of the celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Philippines-Bahrain relations.”

“While Philippines-Bahrain trade has not been that significant, its future will nonetheless continue to look brighter, especially coming at the heels of the visit of President Rodrigo R. Duterte last April. The President also witnessed the signing of a US$250 million investment agreement where a Bahrain company will expand its operations in the Philippines that would produce more bananas, pineapples and other agricultural products. Earlier, I was able to accompany a delegation from the BCCI and the BACT and the nascent ASEAN-Bahrain Business Council to the Philippines, all them first-time visitors who saw on their own the various potentials in fostering trade and economic exchanges between the Philippines and Bahrain.” he said.

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Source Credit: News Of Bahrain


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