Bahrain: Filipino overseas voting begins

The atmosphere at the Philippine Embassy in Mahooz on Day 1 of overseas voting yesterday or a month ahead of the actual May 9 national elections back home was festive and cheerful as eligible Filipino voters went to the polls. A significant number began queuing as early as 630am eager to exercise their rights as the monthlong overseas voting procedure began at 8am and ended at 4pm.

By midday, a long line of Filipinos had formed and were patiently waiting their turn to vote for the next Philippine president, vice-president, 12 senators, and party-list representative. Up to 60,000 Filipino expats in the Kingdom will vote through Overseas Absentee Voting (OAV) to decide the future leaders in their country. They will cast their votes at the Embassy from 8am to 4pm, until May 9 (8am-2pm).

All the Embassy personnel’s preparations went smoothly while following strictly the required safety precautions and protocols against the coronavirus (COVID-19) within its premises, such as wearing face masks, observing social distancing, and avoiding large crowds.


The Daily Tribune
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