Bahrain: Film Producer Cheating – Flop Costs BHD 9000

The number of court sessions are reduced as a precautionary measure.
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A film and theatre producer accused of falsifying a visit visa application to come to Bahrain will learn his fate on November 27, 2019. He is currently living in a GCC state.

The case was filed against the producer by the owner of a Bahraini movie production company, revealing that the defendant previously agreed with him to create a play, but he didn’t live up to the agreement. As a result of this, his company is facing claims amounting to BD9,000, owing to his failure to meet the contract conditions.

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The owner later travelled to India with his wife for treatment and he found out that the defendant entered Bahrain on several occasions. Subsequently, he filed a legal complaint and the trial was completed by the court to pronounce its verdict.


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