Bahrain: Film Producer Who Forged Visa Loses Appeal

Public employee to face trial today.
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The Supreme Court of Appeal recently upheld a three years imprisonment sentence issued against a stateless man who forged a visa application to enter Bahrain on several occasions.

The appellant, who is a film and theatre play producer living in a fellow GCC state, reportedly falsified a visit visa application to enter Bahrain using a fake stamp that belongs to a registered Bahraini movie production company and counterfeited the signature of its owner.

The case was filed against the producer by the owner of the Bahraini movie production company, revealing that he, the producer, had previously agreed with him to produce a theatre play here, but failed to live up to the agreement.

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The owner later travelled to India with his wife for treatment. Then, he found out that the producer entered Bahrain on several occasions using the company’s stamp and the owner’s signature after forging it to submit visa applications


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