Bahrain: Fire Breaks Out At Labour Accommodation; Expat Dead

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A fire broke out at a labour accommodation facility in Salmabad, where one expat died and three others suffered burn injuries.

According to sources, the fire broke out at one of the apartments in the two-storey building due to an electric short circuit.

“Flames quickly engulfed the flat and three of the residents were rescued by neighbours.

“A fourth resident, passed away on site due to suffocation, despite multiple attempts to revive him.”

The neighbours alerted the Civil Defence Directorate and firemen instantly reached the scene and extinguished the fire, preventing the flames from spreading to the nearby buildings.

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The three survivors were rushed to Salmaniya Medical Complex, where they received medical treatment. A probe was launched by the Interior Ministry into the incident.

The ministry confirmed on its Twitter page that “the Civil Defence Directorate doused a fire that broke out at a labour accommodation in Salmabad area”.

“The fire caused the death of an Asian man who died after suffocation. Several others were rescued.”


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