Bahrain: Five Men Jailed for Stealing Pistols From Deceased Businessman’s Home

Stealing pistols from the abandoned house of a deceased businessman have landed five expats in jail for terms ranging between four and one year.

Police arrested the suspects following an investigation into a tip-off from an Asian labourer who witnessed their criminal activities.

Based on this, police identified the suspects and obtained a warrant and discovered drugs and hidden pistols.

During interrogation, the suspects confessed to their crimes, revealing that they had taken the pistols from a businessman’s home, who passed away in 2013.

Three pistols were found in their possession, with one given to the third defendant and another hidden in an abandoned building.

“We found three pistols inside a bag, and we took them. We gave one to the third defendant,” the first suspect told prosecutors. “We hid one of them in an abandoned building, while the other one we kept with us,” he added.

The case took another dramatic turn when the defendants also tested positive for various types of drugs, further incriminating them.



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