Bahrain: Flesh Trade & Human Trafficking On The Rise

A criminal group, headed by a Bahraini suspect and comprising of four Kazakh women, exploited the girls and forced them to engage in prostitution.
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The High Criminal Court yesterday issued its final verdict in a human trafficking case involving six defendants by sentencing one of them to 15 years imprisonment, three to 10 years imprisonment and two to five years imprisonment. They were fined BD2,000 each and were obliged to pay the deportation expenses of two other women who they had forced into flesh trade. They will be deported and blacklisted after their sentence.



A few days ago, the timely-involvement of social workers affiliated to Indian Community Relief Fund Bahrain (ICRF) and Indian Embassy officials helped the police bust another racket. The members of the prostitution racket were arrested after a victim alerted a social worker, who in turn informed the Indian Embassy and the CID Department. The victim who came on a visit visa was trapped by her friend who was part of the vice ring. “She was asked to give a replacement to be relieved from the network and she successfully trapped her friend for her benefit,” sources said.

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