Bahrain ‘Flexible Visa’ – Financial Aid For Illegal Filipino Expats

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The Philippine Embassy in Bahrain will provide financial support to over 1,000 Filipinos living illegally in the country who wish to normalise their immigration status by applying for the kingdom’s flexible work permits, it was announced on Sunday.

The flexible work permits, also known as “blue cards”, were launched last year to allow illegal expatriate residents in possession of expired or terminated work permits to sponsor themselves as freelance workers.

As part of the embassy’s scheme, the government of the Philippines government will pay the blue card application or one-time administrative fee of BD 449 ($1,190), the first month’s fee of BD35 ($93), and the second month’s fee of BD 30 ($80). In total, the Philippine government will pay BD 514 ($1,362) per applicant.

According to the Manila Bulletin, a total of 1,300 Filipino nationals living in Bahrain are eligible for the flexible work permits, which are valid for two years, come with a residence permit and are renewable.

A statement posted to the embassy’s website notes that the process of applying for the flexible visas, capturing data, having their photo taken and receiving their blue card takes approximately 30 minutes per applicant.


Source Credit: Arabian Business


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