Bahrain: Focus on Marine Pollution Woes From Giant Oil Tankers

Rida Abdullah Faraj, Deputy Chairman of the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee in the Shura Council, has submitted a question to the Minister of Oil and Environment, His Excellency Dr. Mohammed bin Mubarak bin Dainah, regarding the preventive measures and actions taken to combat marine pollution caused by the waste of giant oil tankers and to minimize the harmful effects in order to preserve the marine environment.

Faraj’s question stems from the constitutional directive emphasising the importance of the state taking necessary measures to preserve the environment and protect biodiversity.

It also aligns with the National Action Charter’s commitment for the Kingdom of Bahrain to adhere to global trends in preventing and addressing major environmental issues, and to take all appropriate measures to reduce pollution from various sources.

Incorrect practices

This is particularly important given the spread of incorrect practices such as the improper discharge of bilge water from giant oil tankers, which has severe consequences on water and marine life.

Faraj inquired about the existence of specific standards and regulations for the disposal of hazardous waste from giant oil tankers, as well as the presence of monitoring and supervision of harmful environmental activities and practices.

He also questioned the efforts made to coordinate at regional and international levels to ensure the safety and protection of the marine environment.

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