Bahrain Food Delivery Staff Suspended for Eating From Order

A delivery worker for a well-known food delivery service in Bahrain has been suspended from work after being caught on camera eating from an order.

“We have recently learned of a video showing a driver mishandling a request. This behaviour is absolutely against our health and safety policies,” the company said in the statement.

The statement further affirmed that an inquiry is ongoing and that the food was from a cancelled order. “During the investigation, it was confirmed that this order was previously cancelled. However, the delivery driver was suspended from work immediately until the investigation is completed,” the statement read.

Stressing the company’s commitment to maintaining strict health and safety standards, the company also stated that such behaviour is taken very seriously. The company said it has already reached out to all logistics service providers and delivery drivers to reinforce adherence to their health and safety guidelines.

The company emphasised its dedication to upholding high health and safety standards and said such behaviour is dealt with seriously. The business said that it has already contacted all delivery personnel and logistics service providers to remind them to adhere to its health and safety policies.


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