Bahrain: Four Asians Under Investigation for Drug Smuggling

The Narcotics Department, in cooperation with customs, tracked down four Asians in yet another case of drug smuggling into the Kingdom and halted the shipment of drugs through postal parcels. The narcotics unit managed to thwart the smuggling of drugs with an estimated market value of about BD100,000. The four Asians, aged 30 to 33, are currently being investigated for their possible involvement in the crime.

The administration stated that the Anti-Narcotics police moved right away to start searching for and gathering evidence after getting a notification from the Air Ports Customs about the mail item. As a result, the four Asians who were described earlier were caught red-handed. To prepare for referring the case to the Public prosecution, the seized materials were retained, and the requisite legal actions were taken.

A case was recently reported where six Asians were held for trafficking narcotics inside potatoes. The shipment contained over 33kg of Hashish and another type of narcotics locally known as ‘Shabu’ worth BD700,000.

Customs Affairs last year registered 830 trafficking operations of narcotics, pills and substances through the customs ports in 2022, up by 48 per cent compared with 2021. A total of 560 smuggling cases were registered in 2021. They stated that the seizures include about 478 kilograms of various narcotics substances and about 241,000 pills.


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