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Bahrain – A gaming hub for GCC

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Manama: Bahrain is in an ideal position to become a gaming hub for the GCC, according to industry experts.

Bahrain is the most attractive country in the GCC to Gaming companies, Tariq Mukhttar, a successful game developer and a well-known activist for the gaming community in the GCC told.

According to him, gaming companies prefer Bahrain over Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia for “factors such as government support and regulations, which contribute to Bahrain’s allure”.

He told that Bahrain is sitting in an attractive position with “International companies looking forward to setting up in Bahrain”.

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“Setting up in Bahrain is a lot more lucrative,” he said adding: “it is cheaper and the government is very helpful and the telecommunication infrastructure is also very strong here.”


“The environment is also better here, it is a lot more friendly etc,” Mukhttar said.

“The Bahrain government should take advantage of even more,” he stressed.

Ameen Altajer, Managing Director of Infiniteware, told that Bahrain’s gaming industry is going forward.


“The government is giving us a lot of support, which is in stark contrast to some years ago. We are getting financial support as well as marketing support. We did not get this back in 2012 when I first started the Bahrain Game Developers community,” Altajer said.

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