Bahrain: Gang Of 28 Men Arrested For Forging Passports

The General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science announced yesterday that 28 individuals of different nationalities, including government employees, had been referred to the Public Prosecution for forging passports of different countries including Bahrain.

The gang was specialized in forging passports, travel stamps, visas and resident permits of GCC and foreign countries, through the help of individuals living inside and outside Bahrain, the directorate said.


The forged documents were sold for large amounts of money to facilitate the movement of individuals between states. Several passports and visas were forged, it is learned. “The intense and professional investigation led to the arrest of the gang members, and it took a long time as the group consists of individuals from different nationalities and live in many countries.


The key suspect was traveling by a Gulf passport and fake name, and he was arrested after his real entity and nationality were revealed.

The search continues for the other members who are outside Bahrain and investigation will resume to identify others involved.


The General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Forensic Science asserted that legal proceedings were taken, and the forged passports, visas, and stamps were seized and referred to the Public Prosecution to carry its investigation.


Source Credit: DT News