Bahrain: Gas Cylinders Scattered On Road Due To Accident

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A six wheeler’s attempt to avoid colliding with another vehicle left gas cylinders scattered across Al-Estiqlal Street.


The Asian driver of the six-wheel vehicle swirled the vehicle in an attempt to avoid colliding with another car on his right.

Rain, high speed and carelessness of the other driver were the predominant causes of the accident. The loss of control of the six-wheeler resulted in the gas cylinders being tossed onto the road.

Police arrived on the scene to control the situation by closing two lanes until the street was safe for a regular flow of traffic.

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Civil defence and traffic police collectively ensured that the vehicle and cylinders were removed promptly.

The Ministry of Interior in cooperation with the General Directorate of Traffic stated that they initiated an investigation into the incident.

Source: DT  News


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