Bahrain: Government Employee Jailed for Accepting Bribe

Government employee jailed for accepting bribe.
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The High Criminal Court has sentenced a public employee to five years behind bars for accepting BD2,000 in bribe from a construction company.

According to court files, the employee, who was serving in the Ministry of Works, was offered a bribe by the construction company to get away with a violation. It is claimed that the construction company fixed lights in a project for the ministry not in accordance with an agreement signed between the two parties. Changing them would cost the company a whopping BD18,000 and the employee of the ministry jumped to seize this opportunity and demanded to be paid to pass the violation.

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The defendant was arrested red-handed while taking the money from the company. β€œHe called me and offered me his help to get the violation approved. He requested BD2,000,” the manager of the construction company said. β€œI directly informed his superiors and I was requested to give him the money in an effort to have evidence against him,” she added. The defendant was also fined BD2,000 for his crime.

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