Bahrain: Citizens to receive BD 17 million in government support tomorrow

Labor and Social Development Minister Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan announced that a total of BD 17 million will be distributed to citizens benefiting from government support on August 15.

The support includes social allowance, living standard improving allowance, disability pension and housing allowance that is distributed from the Housing Ministry.

The minister said that BD 9,479,180 will be disbursed to 124,772 Bahraini families benefiting from living standard improving allowance, BD 1,607,430 for 16,801 Bahraini families benefiting from social allowance.

While the total of BD 1,227,700 will be for 12,274 people with disabilities and BD 4,667,430 will be for 46,178 beneficiaries of housing allowance.


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