Bahrain Grants Electronic Visa For Nationals Of 119 Countries

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A weekly cabinet session held  on 22 April ,approved the expansion of the number of countries whose citizens can obtain electronic visas or visas at the ports of the Kingdom, bringing the total number of countries whose nationals can obtain e-visas 119 after adding Costa Rica, Honduras and Montenegro, and those whose nationals can obtain entry visas at Bahrain’s ports to 69 after adding Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the session agreed to grant visas to Indian nationals at the ports in the Kingdom if they hold valid visas to Saudi Arabia, the UAE or the United Kingdom or a valid entry visa to the European Union or holder of a residence card in the United States.

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The cabinet also agreed to grant electronic visas to nationals of some countries at Bahrain’s ports if they meet the above-mentioned requirements.

In this regard, the session endorsed two draft edicts to be issued by the Minister of Interior.






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