Bahrain: Guidelines issued for the reopening of gyms

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The Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs has issued guidelines for the reopening of gyms and outdoor stadiums as of August 6.

The guide highlights the importance of sterilizing the facility, checking temperatures before entering the facility, setting a point to measure the temperature, obligating coaches, technical and administrative staff and workers to wear masks and gloves while working in the facility, and not to allow any employee suffering from symptoms related to the virus to work inside the facility and to maintain a distance social, including at least two meters spacing.

It was also emphasized to close the common facilities such as the sauna, Jacuzzi and steam rooms, sterilize the common sports devices regularly, maintain a distance of at least two meters between all devices, and prevent crowding in the pool area by reducing the capacity of the pool in addition to the closure and non-use of parking spaces.

The guide stressed in its clause related to health clubs and private and public fitness on the need to prepare a list of pre-bookings, allow reception of customers without an appointment with encouragement for advance reservation, especially for training sessions, and leave a period between training classes (at least 30 minutes) to allow the facility employees to clean and disinfect it, and commit to Coaches wearing masks and gloves which can be reduced or taken off during intense training, with the need to change them after each training session.

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The guide indicated the importance of special coaches preventing adjustments by hand. Verbal references are encouraged to ensure correct sports movements are performed, and a maximum of 5 people are to be allowed per coach, in training sessions.


The guide also touched on “sports” and emphasized taking all precautions in all sports and each game separately. With regard to sports academies and training schools, it was emphasized to prepare a list of pre-bookings and to compel the person who made the reservation to keep the information of others in the same group, personal tools and equipment must be brought in and not shared, and it is prohibited to provide and distribute training clothes and shoes.

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Any visitor or employee with a temperature of 37.5 ° C or higher must leave and immediately call 444 and report any suspected cases and take the necessary action.

The guide demanded that a supervisor be assigned to be the point of communication with the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs, and his task would be to ensure the implementation of the protocol for the guide and the availability of all requirements in the sports facility, to maintain all daily records, forms, and results of checks, and to train officials at checkpoints on the correct way to use a digital thermometer.



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