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Bahrain: Guidelines Listed for Public Precaution

As part of precautionary measures to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), including the ban gathering exceeding five people in public places, the Interior Ministry stresses the following guidelines:

– Leave home to go to work or hospitals or buy medicines and other essential requirements.

– Sports on public roads should be practice individually or a maximum between two persons while keeping the social distance. Children aren’t allowed to be taken along.

– More than five individuals aren’t allowed to gather or sit in front of homes and roads.

– Gatherings at parks and beaches are prohibited.

– Commitment to precautionary measures during family and social meetings, including weddings and funerals. The attendance of burial rituals is limited to relatives only.

-Commitment to the social distance in queues and a distance of no less than one meter at shopping centres,  public services areas and transportation points for workers.

-Benefit from home delivery services to get groceries and other requirements.

The Interior Ministry asserts dedication to protect the safety of citizens and residents that could be achieved through the cooperation of all and their dedication to follow instructions. It is confident that the people understand that their committed to the safety rules would contribute to the success of the state efforts to prevent the spreading of the virus.


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