Bahrain: Gulf Air Introduces Updated Health and Safety Principles

Gulf Air has introduced a bundle of principles to maintain health and safety of its passengers and crew members.

The principles of existing and newly introduced practices are:

  • Gulf Air will maintain distances on-board between all passengers on all its operating flights
  • Gulf Air check-in counters and boarding gates are designed to make sure passengers maintain a safe distance between each other.
  • All cabin crew members are fully trained to follow the international guidelines in regards to personal protective equipment which are available on-board.
  • All aircraft are disinfected and decontaminated after every flight.
  • All meals and beverages on all flights are served in disposable containers with disposable cutlery and cups.
  • To minimise contact on board, select amenities and services have been temporarily removed.

These principles come in addition to what the airline has carried out since late February when the outbreak has emerged regionally and globally and will continue to be reviewed when necessary and reassessed on a regular basis.


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