Bahrain: Gulf National Jailed for Smuggling Drugs

The Fourth High Criminal Court sentenced four defendants to 6 months in jail.
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The First High Criminal Court yesterday sentenced a Gulf national to 10 years imprisonment, fined him BD5,000 and ordered his deportation, after finding him guilty of smuggling hashish into Bahrain through King Fahad Causeway and selling it here. The court also acquitted a second defendant who was involved in the same crime.

According to the files of the case, both defendants were caught with a piece of hashish concealed in the car while entering Bahrain through the Causeway back in June 2018. Suspicion was raised after the Customs K9 dog continued barking at them, signaling the officers that the car consisted of banned materials. 

The officers asked the defendants if they have any prohibited materials onboard, but they both denied. A piece of hashish that was wrapped in black foil was found in the gloves compartment of the vehicle when searched. In the interrogation, the first defendant confessed that the piece belonged to him and that it was for personal use.

However, further investigation showed that the man frequently smuggled hashish into the Kingdom through the Causeway to sell it and leaves the country after receiving the money. 


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