Bahrain has 34 registered waterfronts, working on seven more

Bahrain has 34 registered public waterfronts with a total length of 41.38 kilometers, the Minister of Works, Municipalities and Urban Planning has said.

The Kingdom also has seven registered waterfronts currently under development with 10.225 kilometers, he added.

The upcoming waterfronts are in Gallali (1,997 meters), Dair (1,029 m), Samaheej (940 m), Abu Sobh (1,034 meters), Karzakan 1 (119 m), Karzakan 2 (234.5 m) and Al Jazaer (4,871m).

The limits of the registered waterfronts and coasts are in the strategic planning approved by the Council of Representatives and endorsed by HM the King in 2016, the minister said.

The planning has called for developing and increasing the public waterfronts and easing access to them.


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