Bahrain: Here are the steps to follow for contacts of active cases

Bahrain announces the following steps to follow for home self-quarantine:

  1. You must download the “BeAware” application as soon as you discover that you have been in contact with an active COVID-19 case.
  2. The contacts of active COVID-19 cases will be registered by the Contact Tracing Team within the Ministry of Health, once each active case has been reviewed
  3. After the Public Health Directorate registers the case, you will be contacted for an evaluation
  4. After assessing and verifying the contact of an active case, a text message will be sent to ensure activating the home self-quarantine within the “BeAware” application.
  5. Click on “Start Quarantine” within the “BeAware” application
  6. Please upload your photo as soon as possible to comply with self-quarantine rules and regulations
  7. Contact cases aged 50 years and above and who show symptoms will be registered for a (PCR) test upon confirmation of contact, if the result is negative, then a (PCR) test must be conducted at the end of the quarantine period at the tenth day.
  8. For those under the age of 49, they only have to conduct the test at the end of the quarantine period at the tenth day, and they must report any virus-related symptoms in case they occur.
  9. Reserve an appointment for the self-quarantine exit test three days before the end of the quarantine period via the “BeAware” application

In all cases, if you are a contact of an active COVID-19 case or experience COVID-19 related symptoms, isolate yourself immediately and contact 444. Continue to self-isolate until you receive a PCR test result or are contacted by the relevant authorities and advised otherwise.



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