Bahrain: High Appeals Court Hears Appeal Of Asian Man Sentenced For Severing Garage Worker’s Fingers

The High Appeals Court has begun hearing the appeal of an Asian man sentenced to three years in prison followed by immediate deportation for severing two fingers from a garage worker’s hand during a fight. The court has scheduled a hearing on July 14th, 2024 to bring the defendant from the prison.

The incident occurred in the Salmabad area on March 1st, 2024, when the victim was allegedly assaulted by the defendant. The victim stated, ‘I was just talking to him when he suddenly attacked me, hitting me in the chest and head. I tried to run into a nearby garage to escape, but he pulled me back and slammed the iron door shut on my right hand, severing two of my fingers. He then continued to beat me before other workers intervened.”

An Arab worker who witnessed the incident testified that he saw the victim talking to the defendant before the latter attacked him.

“The victim tried to run into a garage, but the defendant followed him and pulled him by his clothes while holding onto the edge of the iron door leading to the garage. The defendant then slammed the door on the victim’s hand, causing him to fall to the ground,” the Arab witness said, adding: “The defendant continued to assault the victim by kicking him several times on his body. I noticed that the victim’s hand was bleeding and that two of his fingers had been severed,” he added.

During the investigation by the Public Prosecution, the defendant confessed to assaulting the victim. He stated that he had indeed slammed the iron door with great force while the victim’s hand was on the edge of the door.

The Public Prosecution charged the defendant with assaulting the victim, causing injuries as detailed in the forensic medical report, which resulted in a 13% permanent disability. The motive behind the assault remains unclear.

The High Appeals Court is currently reviewing the case and will decide whether to uphold the original sentence or issue a new ruling.


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