Bahrain High Court Upholds 5-Year Sentence For Human Trafficking

The High Appeals Court has upheld a five-year prison sentence and a 2,000 dinar fine for each of two Asian women convicted of human trafficking.

The victim, an Asian woman, saw an advertisement on social media for a job at a hotel in Bahrain. She contacted one of the accused, who promised her a job, accommodation, and a plane ticket, with the cost deducted from her monthly salary. The victim agreed, and upon arrival in Bahrain, the first accused took her to a hotel where she met the second accused. The second accused confiscated the victim’s passport and informed her that she would be forced into prostitution,

The Bahraini authorities received a report from the victim’s embassy stating that one of their citizens was being held captive and forced into prostitution. The Anti- Human Trafficking Department investigated and located the victim, who had been brought to Bahrain under false pretenses of a well-paying job.

The victim was taken to a residential building, where she was held captive and forced to engage in prostitution with clients for money. The police arrested the accused women and rescued the victim. The court found the two accused guilty of human trafficking


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