Bahrain: Higher Wages for Public Sector Employees

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The lawmakers yesterday voted for increasing the wages of public sector employees by 20 per cent. The law proposal, which has been in debate for over eight years, was previously passed by MPs, but the members of Shura Council had rejected it. Now again, the majority of MPs voted for the proposed law considering it a necessity, taking into account the ever-increasing expenses of life.

The proposal stipulates increasing the basic wages of public sector employees of ordinary, specialized, executive and educational levels by 20 per cent. It has been referred back to the Shura Council for further review and approval.

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Meanwhile, a parliamentary bloc in the Kingdom has been demanding the government to limit the majority of job categories in the public sector to Bahrainis, considering the growing numbers of unemployed citizens in recent years.

According to a statement, the jobs include nurses, accountants, engineers, teachers, physician assistants, accountant assistants, nursing assistants, recruitment staff, recruitment directors, recruitment specialist, procurement specialists, procurement officers, auditors, hotel managers, reception managers, hotel chefs, flight attendants, receptionists, legal advisers, administrative jobs, dentists, dental assistants, maintenance specialists and maintenance technicians.

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Most of the expatriates are sending their families back to home contraries and many has sent because of current raise in utility bills and other expenditures because of VAT.

Tariq said
Tariq said

What Bahrain is doing to expatriate is not fair and if u go to any other countries you will pay your Bill’s like the citizen of that country is paying,there no different in that.We come here to earn a living and we work very hard but at the end of the day the salaries are going back to the Bill’s before you & your family enjoys it…

We ask the beloved king to do something for us expatriates.