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Bahrain: HM King pardons 269 Inmates

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HM King Hamad issued a royal decree pardoning 269 inmates, sentenced in different cases after serving a part of their verdicts.

The royal decree pardoned 269 inmates and replaced the remaining jail sentences with non-custodial penalties for 530 inmates. The royal directives are aimed at promoting human rights, strengthening family relations and enhancing social stability, along with protecting human rights as they reform convicts for the sake of re-integrating them into society, humanise penalty and spread the spirit of love, tolerance, responsibility and community partnership among the members of the one-family Bahraini society. 

The alternative punishment is a creative idea that ensures striking a balance between achieving the purpose of the penalty and protecting the values of human rights, in addition to promoting the culture of rehabilitation, which is considered a positive step forward that adds to Bahrain’s human rights record. 

Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abdulla Al Doseri had affirmed that the Kingdom was keen on enabling society in all its categories to enjoy their full economic, social and cultural rights through a legal and procedural system that achieves social justice, insurance against disease, poverty, and inability to work, and eliminating unemployment by creating decent work opportunities, which was emphasized by the National Action Charter and the Constitution, led by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, to maintain human development in all its dimensions. 


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