Bahrain: “Home Barbers” Charge ‘Crazy’ High Prices

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“Home barbers” are taking over the salon ‘black market’ in Bahrain.

Social media comments explained that barbers provide their services by visiting customer’s houses. High prices are being charged and customers must avail a minimum of two services.

Others stated that many barbers continued to violate official closure decisions and began to provide their services at prices that exceed regular prices.

One comment said that many hairdressers started to take advantage of people’s need by raising the prices to BD10 per person. These prices are crazy, the same comment said, and this has to end.

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It is noteworthy that in line with the official decisions made to combat and reduce the spread of the COVID-19, decisions were issued to close shops, including barbershops, women’s and men’s salons, starting from March 26, following which the closure was extended.



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