Bahrain: Homework is banned; Students happy!

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Education Minister Dr Majid Al Nuaimi has issued a decision approving the recommendation of the ministry’s development commissions to ban homework for students and make school assignments an integral and inseparable part of class activities.

Student home assignments will be replaced by daily hands-on exercises implemented under teachers’ supervision inside the classroom before the end of each lesson in order to consolidate knowledge and hone skills as well as answer the queries of students, the ministry said yesterday.

The ministerial decision was taken upon the recommendation of the specialised commissions after lengthy discussions over the previous months. This decision is effective from the beginning of the second semester 2018-2019.

This innovative approach is compatible with the ministry’s efforts to develop academic curricula to suit the requirements of the twenty-first century and to instil the requisite skills, according to international standards of teaching the basic subjects of mathematics, science and languages.

Source Credit: DT News