Bahrain: Houses to go solar soon

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Manama : In a bid to popularise the production of solar energy for domestic purposes, solar panels have been installed at a house in a government housing project on an experimental basis.

The project, completed at a cost of BD3,500, would annually produce 12,500 kWh, providing one-third of the electricity consumption of the house.

The panels were installed at a government housing project on an experimental basis that will be extended to more such units in the near future, said Electricity and Water Affairs Minister Dr Abdul-Hussain Mirza.

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The minister confirmed that talks are going on with banks to provide zero-interest financing programmes of around BD3,500 to consumers to promote such technologies.

“According to experts, the panels would provide sufficient energy for four bedrooms and a hall,” the minister said.

He explained further, “Providing financial assistance to house owners is being discussed. The installation of solar panels is optional and not mandatory.

“It is clean energy that does not pollute the environment and supports traditional gas-powered energy. If the sun is utilised to generate electricity, this would save gas, which is now the only source of electricity and water.”

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“The lifespan of the solar system is 25 years. The use of solar energy systems will create new employment opportunities and achieve the goal of diversifying energy sources and preserving the environment within the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. In this example, the owner of the house will save about 30 per cent of the Electricity and Water Authority bill,” Dr Mirza added.

Source Credit: DT News


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