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Bahrain: How Car Dealers are Adapting to the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a drastic change to the automotive industry. Car dealers around the world contend with a near collapse in sales and months of uncertainty. COVID-19 and social distancing cut deeply into traditional face-to-face transactions.

Nevertheless, health guidelines and measures brought by the virus have sparked dealers to find ways to do business remotely while protecting employees and customers.

With the traditional way now completely upended, a new world of car sales is taking shape. Bahrain’s dealers are stepping up by implementing high standards of safety to ensure a seamless service even during this time.

Some Dealers Ahead of Others

Euro Motors (EM), Bahrain ‘s official importer of BMW Group vehicles, has reopened all facilities and are currently applying the highest level of hygiene measures following the guidance received from government authorities. EM carries out a full sanitation of their whole facility on a weekly basis, which includes the disinfection of the service centre, new showroom and spare parts and used cars showroom.

The dealer has also implemented a range of unique services to fully support each customer in these uncertain times. Clients can now request to test drive BMW or MINI vehicle, either at the showroom or at home.

Between every test drive, a full decontamination process is applied, ensuring each car is fully sterilized before the next user. Each vehicle can be delivered to the client’s desired location at the timing of their choice, restricting as much physical contact as possible.

To offer potential car buyers and existing customers greater convenience and safety, EM has also launched an Online Payment System on Clients now have the option to purchase a new vehicle or required services in the comfort of their own home.

David McGoldrick, General Manager at Euro Motors said, “Euro Motor’s main priority is the health and wellbeing of both our customers and employees. In order to adapt to these challenging times, we have implemented these measures and initiatives for our customers’ convenience, ensuring that they can still enjoy a seamless service while feeling as safe as possible.”

The Future is Now

Indeed, it’s a whole new deal for dealers and a potentially more convenient and safer one for consumers. The new strategies not only lessen the time exposed to sales pressure but also boosts social distancing. While many of the changes in the car dealership industry were brought on by the pandemic, they are changes that were long overdue – some most likely to become the ‘new normal’.


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