Bahrain: Huge profits for charity societies during Ramadan

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Charity during Ramadan helps generating huge profits for many charitable societies in the Kingdom.

They offer fast-breaking coupons, charity cards and other things for various prices to generous individuals, who observe the holy month in its true essence.

Although the lion’s share of these charity funds goes towards providing Ramadan meals to deserving individuals, sources say charitable organisations are reaping profits, in fact, thousands of dinars.

Nasser Al Sahaf, an official leading the Al Hadd Charity Fund, said, “Our fund distributes about 800 meals a day to five mosques, while there are many small charity societies distributing up to 350 meals a day each at various locations.

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“Charity work is not a business. And it is quite unfortunate that many of these charity societies are turning into business organisations maintaining a profit margin between 20 and 30 per cent.” one of the members of a charity organisation, said these days profit-making remains the sole mantra behind every act of charity.

Sources say that people earned between BD100 and BD1,000 per month while the centre was charging BD30 from each child apart from donations it received.

A woman citizen, who doesn’t want to be identified, said she had to leave a charity organisation after realising that they were cheating the public.

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“The organisation would receive huge donations and I was shocked that these amounts were being transferred into personal bank accounts.” “You won’t believe, there were some volunteers in that charity organisation, who were receiving salaries as high as BD 1, 500 a month.”


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