Bahrain: Illegal slaughters shut down in Hamala

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A number of illegal random slaughters have been shut down in the Hamala region, said authorities.

Dr. Khalid, Undersecretary of Agriculture and Marine Resources Affairs, said that the Directorate has shut down those slaughters in Hamala, and that the inspections will continue in other areas in cooperation with the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health to take legal measures against violators.

He also stressed that the Directorate will not compromise on forcing laws that guarantee the safety of meat distributed in the market

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And he stated that the Animal Health Directorate – Veterinary Quarantine was improved to be the first line of defense to prevent the entry of any contagious animal diseases.

He also stated that the number of imported sheep in March to the beginning of May was 39,000, while the number of cows reached 1560 to meet the needs of the local market of fresh and locally slaughtered meat, while the import volume reached 5075 tons of chilled red meat and frozen in addition to 9471 tons of poultry meat.

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