Bahrain: Imam brutally killed; Body found near scrapyard

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A senior imam of Ibn Masoud Mosque was kidnapped and cut into pieces allegedly by a group of Bangladeshi men.

The victim – Abduljaleel Hamood – went missing in the early hours of yesterday after he had gone to perform the Al Fajr prayers (dawn prayer).

Unable to contact the imam, his family members alerted the police, which began the hunt of “missing man” in full swing. The imam’s picture and information was shared on social media by his family members, which went viral instantly.

Putting an end to the mystery after a few hours, the Interior Ministry announced that the imam’s body was found in pieces inside a plastic bag in Al Mazra area near the scrapyard in Askar.

“An Asian man (35 years old), a suspect arrested according to ministry of interior.

Sources said the suspect was working as a prayer reciter at the mosque, where Abduljaleel was the imam.

He was trading in free visas and the imam had warned him many a time against it, leading to the enmity, the sources added.


Source Credit: DT News


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