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Bahrain: Imports Of Birds From Kuwait Banned After Virus Outbreak

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The import of live birds and poultry products from Kuwait has been banned in the UAE and Bahrain following the outbreak of a bird flu strain.

Following news that birds in Farwaniya Bird Market in Kuwait are infected with Bird Flu H5N8, Animal Health Control Directorate in Bahrain has halted the import of birds as precautionary measures.

Dr. Ibrahim Yousef, Director of the Animal Health Control at the Ministry of Works, Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning, made the announcement.

“Issuance of any license to import birds from Kuwait has been suspended and all import permits issued prior to the spread of “Bird Flu” news have been cancelled and their owners have been informed of the decision. All those involved in the veterinary quarries at all land and sea ports were stressed with strict supervision,” he stated.

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As of now, no cases of Bird Flu H5N8 have been reported.


According to the National, UAE also announced the ban on Thursday following an outbreak of a contagious strain of bird flu, H5N8, in Kuwait.

The banned imports from Kuwait until the outbreak is brought under control include all species of domestic, wild live birds, ornamental birds, chicks, hatching and table eggs, poultry meat, and by-products and waste that are not thermally heated.

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The decision was based on a notification from the Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases.


The government had temporarily banned the import of birds and eggs from East Malaysia, Russia, the Netherlands and Bulgaria over the last year based on international recommendations.

Source: DT News



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