Bahrain: Indian Club May Queen Crowns Wrong Winner

There was a mix-up in announcing the winner of the prestigious May Queen beauty pageant organized by the Indian Club on May 31st, according to the organizers.

The true winner was mistakenly announced as the first runner-up due to an error in the judges’ mark computation.

Upon discovering this mistake, the organizers took steps to correct it.

The rightful May Queen is Astral Cutinha, a 24-year-old from Karnataka, who was initially declared the first runner-up.

Consequently, Ishika Pradeep is now the first runner-up, and Mary Annin Jacob, who was originally announced as the winner, has been named the second runner-up.

The corrected coronation ceremony is scheduled for later this month, officials stated.

This year’s May Queen competition featured 25 contestants aged over sixteen, with the theme “You’re Beautiful.”

Participants hailed from Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and India.

The press conference at the Indian Club was attended by President Cassius C. Perera, General Secretary Anil Kumar R., Assistant Treasurer Bijoy Kambrath, Assistant Entertainment Secretary Raison Varghese, and other officials.


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