Bahrain: Indian expat murdered by Arab man – Arrested

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An Indian expat, Abdul Nahas, was found murdered in his apartment in Hoora last Tuesday evening. After investigations, an Arab man was detained, who is in his fifties, has confessed to the authorities about murdering the man.

In a statement release yesterday, the Public Prosecution revealed details related to the murder. The statement revealed that the alleged perpetrator followed the victim to his place where he attacked him.

“The Public Prosecution received a communication from the Security Department after a murdered Asian man’s body was found with his hands and legs tied. His body was covered with bruises and injuries and was found in his home in Hoora,” Governorate Prosecution chief Mohammed Al Maliki said.

“The Prosecution advanced with its investigations immediately and inspected the scene as well as called a forensic doctor to check the body to ascertain the cause of his death. Crime scene experts were assigned to examine the place and gather pieces of evidence.

“Eyewitnesses were heard and police officers intensified their investigations into the case. Soon a suspect, an Arab man in his fifties, was detained,” he said.  Mr Al Maliki revealed that the Arab national admitted to murdering the Indian man.

“He admitted to breaking inside the house of the Asian, tied his hands and legs before strangling him,” he added.

The Public Prosecution also stated that he tried to conceal his crime “to obstruct justice”. “The Arab man was detained, pending further police investigations and receiving the technical reports ahead of referring him for trial before the concerned court,” the statement said.

No official statement has been released about the motive behind the murder. However, various rumours have been spread regarding the motive. He was said to have lived a quiet life but was at the midst of two disputes before his death, one with a loan shark who was pestering him to return the loan and the other issue was with a woman, rumored to be his ex-girlfriend. Sources say the woman was living with him at his apartment but moved out two weeks ago following a dispute.

Nahas was employed at a hotel as a receptionist but his legal status was invalid.


Source Credit: DT News


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