Bahrain: Indian Expats Call for Urgent Appointment of Ambassador

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Indian expats are enraged that the position of Indian Ambassador to Bahrain has been now vacant for more than two months. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Indian welfare associations are calling for an immediate appointment to this position.

Of around 900 expats infected with the disease in Bahrain, the majority are low-wage  Indian labourers. Indian Associations are pointing out that the Indian Embassy should take measures to enable such labourers who live in congested accommodations with alternative living arrangements so they can practice social distancing.

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The absence of an ambassador has left other well-wishers without proper leadership or guidance, according to welfare associations.

Demands are rising that the funds collected in the form of the 1 BD fee toward the Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) should be deployed towards buying flight tickets, food, medicine and other essentials for those struggling. The total fund is estimated to be at BD 100,000.

At the least, an Indian ambassador of any of the neighbouring GCC states should at least be given temporary responsibility, says General Secretary of OIC Global.

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