Bahrain: Indian Woman Held In Captivity Rescued

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An Indian expatriate woman was allegedly held in captivity by an Arab man who claim to have “purchased” the Indian woman and was keeping her as “slave”.

She was rescued by the Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) officials yesterday. Rescue efforts began after the woman contacted members of a humanitarian organization, which in turn alerted the Indian External Affairs Minister and Bahraini authorities. The authorities instantly rescued the woman.

“After being locked up in a room, the woman somehow managed to inform her ordeal to ‘Justice Upheld’, an international humanitarian organization,” sources told Tribune. “We are extremely concerned to learn a few minutes ago that the man claiming to ‘own’ an Indian woman has locked her up and is refusing to release her since he has ‘paid a lot of money for her’” Justice Upheld tweeted to Indian External Affairs Sushma Swaraj, who directed the embassy officials to act.

“Enslaver just called the family of the victim in India and informed them that they can do whatever they want, he is going to keep her for at least 25 days since he has paid good money for her,” the organization, said in its second tweet.

Ms Swaraj directed Indian Ambassador Alok Kumar Sinha and the Indian Embassy team to intervene into the matter.

Source Credit: The Daily Tribune


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