Bahrain: Inspection Tours in Shops and Hypermarkets Intensified

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“Inspection tours were intensified over the morning and evening periods and included different areas in shops and hypermarkets,” announced the Inspection Department at the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism on its official website and social media accounts.

The ministry added that this decision came in order to monitor any violation and to ensure that stores display goods during this exceptional period in light of the precautionary measures taken to limit the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Inspection teams, the ministry noted, will ensure the availability of basic products in the market and compliance with all regulations that were established by the decision to close stores during this period and to ensure excluded stores and their commitment to the standard of social distancing in closed places. Reviewing the movement of supply and demand in the market and the availability of food commodities, not increasing prices and ensuring their stability were also responsibilities of the inspection teams.

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