Bahrain: Intensified Inspection Campaigns in Markets

Inspection campaign in markets.
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The Inspection Department of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism revealed its intensified inspection campaigns over the past days for the morning and evening periods throughout the days of the week. 

The inspection was carried out in several areas including vital tourist and commercial spots for shops, markets, and tobacco sale outlets, in order to monitor violations and ensure that stores display goods especially cigarettes and tobacco products and are not hiding them. This was done to ensure the stability of their prices.

The Ministry confirmed its readiness to handle such cases through continuous inspection campaigns, even during holidays and different times where they were preparing plans for an integrated inspection for this purpose.

The ministry called all citizens and consumers to contact the Ministry’s Call Centre: 80001700 or through “Tawasul” application or other communication channels to report any violations or breaches of the law.

The ministry is thoroughly monitoring to ensure the application of the relevant laws to maintain the interest of both the consumer and the commercial sector.


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