Bahrain: Killer Sentenced To Life in European Woman Murder Case

The Bahraini man who killed a European woman and turned her body into ashes by burning it has been sentenced to life in prison by the High Criminal Court which was presided by Judge Bader Abdulateef Mohammed Al Abdullah. The Public Prosecution had earlier urged the judges at the High Criminal Court to sentence him to the capital punishment: the death penalty.

As per the case details, the man had agreed with the victim to engage in sexual activity, as she was involved in the prostitution business. After they finished, he prevented her from leaving due to concerns that neighbours might see her exiting his house. When she insisted on leaving, he forced her to return to the bedroom, where he sat on her body and strangled her.

Subsequently, he took her body to a remote area and burned it to eliminate any traces. The woman made a distress call to 999, seeking help and indicating that she was at a house near Sitra.

Earlier, a high-ranking officer at the Ministry of Interior revealed that no traces of the victim’s body were found in the case. The suspect allegedly burned and buried the woman’s body. This revelation came during the officer’s testimony before the High Criminal Court.

The officer mentioned that he visited the area accompanied by a police dog unit in an attempt to locate the burial site as mentioned by the defendant. However, despite the defendant’s claim of burning and burying the body, no evidence of the corpse was discovered by the police dogs.

This case marks the first instance in which the defendant is being tried without the discovery of the victim’s body. The defendant confessed to the court about the crimes of killing, burning, and burying the girl.

Nevertheless, he justified his actions by citing a dispute between him and the victim. He claimed that he did not intend to kill her and that he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs, which led to a state of hallucination.


The Daily Tribune

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