Bahrain: King Hamad American Mission Hospital Now Open to Public

The new state-of-the-art King Hamad American Mission Hospital (KHAMH) is now open to the public to provide the highest quality medical services at affordable prices.

KHAMH is equipped with the latest medical facilities, simulation rooms, laboratories, library, lecture hall, rooms and suites, operating rooms, a ward for women and children, a ward for various surgical medical surgeries, intensive care units, a radiology center, and much more. 

Another focal point of the brand-new, luxury hospital is to attract world-class international doctors. “To attract the world’s best healthcare providers, you must have world-class facilities,” Dr. George Cheriyan said. He said that the idea behind this new hospital was to construct a world-class healthcare centre for the people of Bahrain and its residents, and elevate the healthcare standards of the Kingdom as it desires to improve this important sector.

Despite the luxurious designs of the hospital, the cutting-edge technology, and the most modernised medical equipment, the costs of services remain the same as all the branches in the Kingdom.

Whilst patients can receive the highest quality of care in the new state-of-the-art King Hamad American Mission Hospital (KHAMH), they will also come by a unique and special feel of a 5-star hotel as the building is designed to give patients comfort, relaxation, and a modernised sense.

Luxury-styled rooms are also available at the hospital, featuring royal suites, deluxe suites, and standard rooms. The aim is to allow patients to feel as though they are staying at a 5-star hotel.

The hospital will also contain an RCSI center on the 5th floor, where medical students, nursing students, and healthcare providers will be taught.

“There will be a residency/internship program that will begin in July of this year,” Dr. George Cheriyan said. Additionally, KHAMH holds collaborations with other hospitals such as Mayo Clinic in the United States, which is rated the number 1 healthcare facility in the United States consistently over the past 5-6 years.

“We have created this world-class healthcare facility to attract the best in the world to come and partner with Bahrain, to share technology, and expertise, and improve the healthcare infrastructure in Bahrain as well as the GCC,” Dr. Cheriyan said.

New technology 

Ultra-modern, futuristic technology, and home healthcare services are implemented in the hospital, providing improved outcomes in surgery, and acquiring the capability to monitor patients at home.

The at-home care can be given to the patient in their own comfort whilst also, decreasing the costs of the services.

Covid precautions 

Negative pressure rooms are implemented in all rooms of the hospital, which means that when doors are opened, all the air is sucked out so that when a new patient enters the room, they will enter with new air.

Touchless buttons are another feature designed in the lifts, used to prevent illnesses from spreading. Both features were done as a precaution against future pandemics.

Another special feature, a 14,000 sq ft garden was planted around the whole premises to uplift the ill patients staying at the hospital, and all rooms in the hospital have a view of the calming greenery, aimed to motivate, and enlighten the patients’ stay.

Although the hospital is now open to the public, the OBGYN services and surgical services will begin on March 26, 2023.



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