Bahrain: Kingfish Ban Lifted After More Than A Year

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The Agriculture and Marine Wealth Agency at the Ministry of Works, has announced the lifting of the ban on netting and sale of Kingfish as of tomorrow (15 October 2019), when the ban came into effect last August 15.

This ban decision aims to increase the stock of kingfish within the total fish stocks in the Kingdom and regulate the process of fishing, avoid depletion of kingfish fisheries to achieve a balance within the marine life.

The resolution prohibited selling or supplying kingfish during the period of the ban in any public market, warning violators of law’s provisions of this resolution from being punished by the penalties stipulated in Decree Law No. (20) of 2002 on the regulation of fishing marine wealth protection.

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In its statement, the agency appreciated the cooperation and commitment of the fishermen to the decision, which reflects the importance of partnership between the various stakeholders, pointing out that banning period in the breeding season of fish is one of the best scientific methods to preserve fish stocks and ensure the continuity of marine life.

The ban comes in implementation of the decision of the GCC Agricultural Cooperation Committee at its 23rd meeting held at the headquarters of the Gulf Cooperation Council General Secretariat in Riyadh, which stipulated that the member states of the Council shall take measures to protect kingfish, including determining this banning season.

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