Bahrain launches first-of-a-kind Boeing 737-700 Flexcombi™ multiple purpose aircraft

Texel Air, an established private airline and MRO based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, announces the arrival of the latest addition to its fleet, the Boeing 737-700 FlexCombi™.  A first of a kind aircraft globally, the conversion aircraft has been developed to provide the most versatile third party cargo charter solution available in the market today.

The aircraft arrived at the Company’s private hangar at the Bahrain International Airport. The aircraft, which will be based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, is unique in its ability to be configured in seven different ways for multiple purposes in a remarkably fast 48-hour time frame.

The FlexCombi™ can switch seamlessly to operate humanitarian, government, express integrator and commercial flights from major airports to smaller remote runways with configuration flexibility achieved without compromise in cargo volumes and customised mission capability. In addition to cargo, the aircraft is able to transport up to 24 people as well as offering the option for medical evacuation flights using two speciality medical beds installed on the aircraft.

The FlexCombi™ was developed in partnership with PEMCO World Air Services (Tampa USA), who effectively translated the concept into an approved FAA STC.  For its work on the FlexCombi™, PEMCO, in September 2017 was awarded “Innovator of the Year” at the Chicago Freighters World conference.

For more information on the unique design and features of the FlexCombi™, please visit:


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