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Bahrain: Lawyer flees with client’s money

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The Disciplinary Lawyers Appeal Board issued its decision to permanently stop a lawyer from practicing his career. The lawyer has fled Bahrain after seizing around BD19,000 from his clients.

The lawyer’s former client told in the complaint he filed that he had obtained a judgment of his entitlement in the amount of BD15000 after a financial claim in which he pleaded with the lawyer and obtained a ruling on his right to the said amount in addition to the legal benefits which brought the amount to about BD19,000. 

When he said, he tried to reach the lawyer to find out the latest developments in the ruling, the lawyer did not respond to his calls, as he learned that he was outside the country. After many tries of trying to reach the lawyer, he added, he was forced to resort to a second lawyer to regain his right. 

The lawyer claimed that he did not retain the amount for himself, but that the complainant himself was not present in the country, and that he allegedly failed to receive his money. The Disciplinary Lawyers Appeal Board refused the lawyer’s allegations and accused him that he did not hand over the amount of money to the client despite knowing that there was another lawyer for the to follow up with.


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